Sannyasi Atma Bindu - Isabelle Chauvet

10130 Montfey, E-mail:,

I discovered Satyananda Yoga from the beginning of my yogic way and it was a revelation,  I always search it without even knowing I search !
I met the group around Devanath and Brahmatattwa at the creation of Aube Yoga Center in 1992 and from that moment I dedicated to that place, graduated on the TTC in 1995, lived for long periods in the Center and praticed actively karma yoga and teaching…
I spend time in Munger and Rikhia, following Yogic Studies in 2002/2003, to experiment yogic life at the source and be to the nearby of Sw Satyananda and Sw Niranjan.
From 2010, I share my time between family and yogic life, giving yoga classes to local people and spreading Yoga around with the wish it will be as helpfull for others as it was for me.