Satyananda Yoga in France

Satyananda Yoga Centers

Centre Culturel de Yoga Satyanandashram - France

75009 Paris, email:, 

Centre Culturel de Yoga, Satyanandashram was inaugurated in 1977 by Sri Swami Satyananda. It is...

Ecole de Yoga Satyam

06380 Moulinet, email:,

Situated in the exceptional site of the village of Moulinet in the Mercantour National Park, the ‘Ecole de Yoga ...

Satyananda Yoga Center of Aube

10210 Chesley,, E-mail:, phone: (33)325700640

The Aube Yoga Centre is located 200 kilometers south-east of Paris. Compri...

Satyananda Yoga Teachers

Swami Yogabhakti - Micheline Flak

Satyananda Yoga Acharya, Acharya of the Yoga Vidya Council
75009 Paris, email:,

Parallel to my career as an English...

Swami Divyaprema Saraswati

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
06380 Moulinet, email:,

Swami Divyaprema Saraswati, born in 1939 – member of the Yoga Vidya Council, was first...

Swami Brahmatattwa Saraswati

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
10210 Chesley,, E-mail:

Swami Brahmatattwa experimented the Satyananda Yoga from 1981. She met ...

Swami Vidyasagar Saraswati

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
06380 Moulinet, email:,

Swami Vidyasagar Saraswati, born in 1961, met her Guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati i...

Swami Devanath Saraswati - Véronique Daques

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
25000 Besançon, E-mail:,

I met Swami Satyananda in1980 in Chamarande (France) after the death of my comp...

Sannyasi Karuna - Francoise Galan

Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
75002 Paris, email:, phone: (0033) 1 42 60 07 78

I discovered Hatha yoga when I was 18 years old. ...

Sannyasi Mukta - Marie Claire Bahuaud

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
29500 Ergué Gaberic, email: mcbahuaud@gmail.com

I live in France and practice Satyananda yoga since 2000. I teach it since 2005...

Sannyasi Nada Jyoti

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
44000 Nantes, email:, phone: +33/6 74 22 57 89

I started practising Satyananda Yoga in 1993. It so happened that by chance my first teac...

Sannyasi Dharmaratna - Carmen Cisneros

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
9120 Dalou, email:

Very young I observed myself and people around and, I saw ourselves unhappy, sick and not capable to live in ...

Sannyasi Devi Sharan

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
Eildon-Vic, email:, phone: +33/6 30 78 19 72

I am Devi Sharan living in France near Paris. It was in 1985 that I discovered the...

Sannyasi Yogadevananda - Jean-Luc Vezolle

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
84000 Avignon, E-mail:

My first teacher was Saswatananda from Avignon. In 1992, I was in contact with the swamis of the Aube Yo...

Sannyasi Sumitrananda - Catherine Marteau-Montels

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
10210 Chesley, E-mail:

I was introduced in Satyananda Yoga by Swami Devanath and received karma sannyasa from Swami Satyana...

Sannyasi Atma Bindu - Isabelle Chauvet

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
10130 Montfey, E-mail:,

I discovered Satyananda Yoga from the beginning of my yoguic way and it was a revelation,  I a...

Sanyam - Anne Lemasson

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
87380 Château-Chervix, email:, phone: (33)06 76 81 94 09 

First specialised in yoga adapted to school (2010) (RYE FRANCE), and...

Anandi - Anne Tiberghien

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
75014 Paris, email:

I started yoga 30 years ago and I have been teaching since 2005 proposing weekly classes and seminars....