Sannyasi Radhikatma - Rozana Ušic


I’m practicing yoga for 20 years, since 1998. Have got Mantra diksha from Sw. Niranjananda in 2003., Jignasu from Sw. Satyasangananda in 2010. and Karma Sannyasa from Sw. Niranjanananda in 2014.
In my travelling to India from 2009, in Bihar school of yoga Munger and Rikhiapeeth I`ve deepened my experience and knowledge trough various courses included “Yoga Teacher Training Course”.
I have classes for regular and students with special needs on weekly bases
I`m very content that I can share the 18 years long experience of successful fight  against terrible neurological illness which is Sclerosis Multiplex, thanks to my daily yoga practise. Yoga is the main supporting tool for overcoming all obstacles, fears and challenges of everyday life.
And I immensely like practising and teaching the Satyananda system of yoga.