Sannyasi Priyatma - Ivanka Pacic

52100 Pula, E-mail:

My first meeting with Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati happened in 1997. France, (Aix Les Bains, and AUBE-ashram) where I was initiated in j.sannyasa. Again saw Sw. Niranjan in 2001. when I went with a croatian yogis-group in Rikhia, where was lucky to meet  Sw.Satyananda and Sw.Satsangi at Sat Chandi Mahayagya, and also visited the Ashram at Munger.

2003. I go to TTCY in Bangalore (Atmadarshanyogashram by Sw. Anandamangal and Sw. Yogaratna) where I get a yoga-teacher certificate. Sw. Niranjanananda initiated me in karma sannyasa in Slovenia/Ankaran. Fifth meeting was in 2008. when sw. Niranjanananda came to Croatia/Pula-Brijuni.

I'm also active as an elementary yoga-teacher, organizing trips to the environment for yogis, chantings of kirtans, mantras, celebrations Diwali, Cristmas, and participate in organizing the yoga- events with other yoga-teachers in Pula.