Sannyasi Manomitra - Darinka JakovIvezi

52100 Pula, E-mail:

Started practicing yoga in 1990. My Satyananda yoga education lasted around 6 years. Also I  took some special courses: 2003 Kriya yoga and 2005 Tatwa shoodi in Rikhiapeeth, and two year course of Ayurveda and Marma therapy. In 2002  finished the TTC in Ljubljana, Slovenia and  began to teach the Satyananda system of yoga with the blessings of Swamiji. Regularly I teach yoga in the form of quarterly courses (twice a week for two school hours). Teaching 4 groups and the average number of students is about 30. Since 2001, I regularly reside in Ashrams Ganga Darshan and Rikhiapeeth doing karma yoga and seva attended satsang weeks some short courses and participate in yagyas.