Yoga Sofia

1463 Sofia,, E-mail:, phone: +359 887 349056, +359 888 418996

Yoga School Sofia is situated in the heart of Sofia city center. Sofia means wisdom, and wisdom is applied knowledge.

We have gained all our understanding, experience and inspiration in yoga from the living tradition of Satyananda yoga, also known as Bihar yoga. All the teachers are trained through the Satyananda Yoga Academy System and Bihar School of Yoga.

Our aim is to pass on our inspiration and experience in applying yoga in everyday life. We offer structured yoga courses, workshops, retreats, and perform activities related to yoga - from training to charity and volunteer work. We work for people and believe that with the methods of yoga practitioners can achieve a happier, healthier and fuller life.

We believe that yoga lights up the path of people, and with deep gratitude, we always remember the teachers before us who lit up our path. We always remain disciples, imbibing this vast and eternal knowledge and striving to become better at everything we do, share, serve and inspire.

Yoga Sofia
72, Vitosha Blvd, fl.6, ap.11
1463 Sofia