Sannyasi Radha - Rayna Hristova

1606 Sofia,, E-mail:

Radha has been introduced to Satyananda Yoga in 2004.  She received her yogic and teacher training in  BYB India and Satyananda Yoga Academies in Europe and Australia.  She continues her yogic studies by visiting BSY few times a year.
In 2008 she was initiated in karma sanyasa by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.
Her inspiration, understanding and  practice are coming entirely from her guru Swami Niranjan and the tradition of Satyananda system of yoga, which offers a comprehensive, systematic and scientific approach of developing all aspects of the human personality - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Radha is a certified Yoga Teacher. She teaches courses in Yoga Centre Aradhana and Yogadharma studio in Sofia.