Sannyasi Darshanananda - Nadya Gavrilova

1000 Sofia,,, E-mail:

Practicing Yoga since 1984, Satyananda Yoga - since 1990. Teaching Yoga since 1998. Had Sannyasa and Yoga training with Swami Niranjanananda in 1992-3, 1996, 2012. Studied Yoga at Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe and North America.
Dedicated to the deep and serious tradition of transmission of spiritual knowledge and Yoga from Master to disciple. Possessing deep understanding, broadmindedness and consideration for the individual needs at all levels of personality. Combining different skills and a broad scope of knowledge in the psychology and philosophy of Yoga and other holistic sciences such as Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Pedagogy. Believes in the ongoing process of self-development and sharing the personal experience with others for their welbeing and improvement in life.