Sannyasi Beeja Mantra - Biljana Vacheva

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I have been practicing yoga since 2005,  year later I focused entirely on Satyananda Yoga. In the beginning for me, yoga was a practice that kept me in good physical and mental state. Later I realized that Yoga is a science of the hidden human potential of understanding, accepting and loving first your self and then the people around you. Satyananda Yoga and all the books published by Bihar school of Yoga helped me to find a lof of answers.
The numerous seminars and trips to India to Bihar School of  Yoga helped me to realize that the inspiration and knowledge I get there from Paramahamsaji and later from Swami Niranjanananda are given to me to be shared with other people.
I have completed the Yogic Studies courses 1 and 2 at European Satyananda Yoga Academy as well as Teacher Training Course in Australian Satyananda Yoga Academy. I have gone through several incervice trainings in Bulgaria. Also had done Hatha Yoga Yatra 1 and 2 in Bihar School Of Yoga, Munger. I'm journalist and had Master degre in Macroeconomics.