Sannyasi Atma Shuddhi - Tatiana Atanassova

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Tatiana Atanassova (Atma Shuddhi) practices Satyananda Yoga since 2003. One of her most memorable experiences is the course YS (2009-2010) in BSY and all the events in that period ending with her initiation in karma sannyasa by Swami Niranjan. This and her innate love for the teacher profession bring her to start teaching yoga.
As a child her favourite game is to play the role of a teacher, imitating the profession of her parents. Following up, her whole life is related to teaching and communicating with people from various backgrounds.
Atma Shuddhi's life is filled with diverse experiences, from joy and pleasure, to strong physical pain and deep heartache. She is an example of a person who has successfully integrated yoga while enduring exceptionally hard and dramatic events in her life, and also in her everyday life as a wife, mother, manager and eventually a yoga teacher. The life roles she has personally experienced allow her to better understand people in diverse situations and stages of life, and enable her to teach in a practical and understandable way so students can apply the yoga techniques in their lives.
Atma Shuddhi teaches yoga every day since 2010. In 2011 she founds the yoga organization “Club Yoga I Priateli” in Sofia, where she runs courses in integral yoga, meditation, relaxation, as well as seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats.