1680 Sofia,, E-mail:, Tel: +359/88 468 7700

The Aradhana Yoga Centre was created in 2008. It is the main centre of the activities of the Bulgarian Yoga Association which was founded in 1996. Swami Niranjanananda personally inaugurated the Yoga Centre, gave it it’s name and blessed the spreading of Yoga Vidya from this place for a more healthy, yogic and spiritual way of life. The Satyananda system of yoga is taught in it for the benefit of people, for their physical and mental health and for developing of their potential. Twelve yoga teachers have regular yoga classes there. Lectures, workshops and seminars are also held there and every week there is a program with kirtans and Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. Aradhana also is a base of seva and charity activities. Many acharyas have visited it and provided lectures and meetings with people.