Satyananda Yoga in Bulgaria

Yoga Centers

Sita Ram Yoga Center

1330 Sofia,, Tel: +359887272916

Yoga Center Sita Ram, founded and lead by Swami Shruti Gnana in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Yoga Center aims to disseminate...


1680 Sofia,, E-mail:, Tel: +359/88 468 7700

The Aradhana Yoga Centre was created in 2008. It is the main centre of the activities of the Bulgarian Y...

Yoga Acharyas

Swami Shruti Gnana - Anna Pavlova

Acharya of Satyananda Yoga, Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
1330 Sofia,

Swami Shruti Gnana is the head of the Yoga Center Sita Ram in Sofia and is an acti...

Yoga Teachers

Swami Yoga Gnana - Guergana Zaharieva

Member of the Yoga Vidya Councel
1680 Sofia,, E-mail:

Swami Yoga Gnana is practising yoga more than 30 years. She found Satyananda yoga in 1...

Swami Vivekamurti - Todor Zahariev

Member of the Yoga Vidya Councel
1680 Sofia,, E-mail:

Swami Vivekamurti is a Founding Member and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Yoga Association....

Sannyasi Atmashuddhi - Kamen Aleksiev

1632 Sofia, Email:  

I practise yoga for almost 28 years. I have connection with Satyananda Yoga more than 20 years. I have spiritual initiation as karm...

Sannyasi Mudita - Milena Mileva

1606 Sofia, E-mail:   

Mudita has been practicing yoga since 2004. She received her training in Satyananda Yoga Academies Europe and Australia, and Bihar School ...

Sannyasi Radha - Rayna Hristova

1606 Sofia,, E-mail:

Radha has been introduced to Satyananda Yoga in 2004.  She received her yogic and teacher training in  BYB India an...

Sannyasi Namratashakti

1528 Sofia, E-mail:

My deep interest in yoga and India started more than 30 years ago. I have graduated Indology at Sofia University and since then ...

Sannyasi Beeja Mantra - Biljana Vacheva

1124 Sofia,, E-mail:

I have been practicing yoga since 2005,  year later I focused entirely on Satyananda Yoga. In the be...

Sannyasi Atma Shuddhi - Tatiana Atanassova

1000 Sofia, E-mail:,

Tatiana Atanassova (Atma Shuddhi) practices Satyananda Yoga since 2003. One of her most memorable experiences is...

Sannyasi Darshanananda - Nadya Gavrilova

1000 Sofia,,, E-mail:

Practicing Yoga since 1984, Satyananda Yoga - since 1990. Teaching Yoga since 1998. Had Sannyasa and Y...

Sannyasi Shreyas - Krasimira Matova

1680 Sofia, E-mail:,


Sannyasi Savitrimurti - Svetlana Blagoeva

1799 Sofia, E-mail:,

I practice Satyananda yoga since 1998 and teach the Satyananda system of yoga since 2004. I was initiated in karma sa...

Sannyasi Shaligram - Aleksandra Vukasinovic

1000 Sofia, E-mail:,

Shaligram has been practicing Satyananda yoga since 1992. Her first initiation was in 1993 by Swami Sivamurti Sarasw...