Sannyasi Antarshuddhi - Nadeshda Stürzebecher

1080 Wien,

I am a certified art teacher and yoga teacher. I studied at the Satyananda Yoga Academy in Europe and at the Satyananda Yoga Academy Australasia, as well as at RYE UK (Research on Yoga in Educaton).
I got to know Satyananda Yoga in 2000, which changed my life completely. Since then, I have been educating myself in seminars around the world and deepening my experience during my stays in yoga-ashrams. In 2011, I founded "Bhavani Yoga Center" in Vienna and since then teach the Satyananda system of yoga there.
I teach in German, English and Bulgarian with the emphasis on yoga for all levels, Hatha Yoga - Shatkarmas, application of yoga in everyday life, yoga in education, painting meditation, mantra chanting and kirtan. I organize Yoga seminars, workshops and retreats and accompany Ashram stays in Europe and India.     

Bhavani - Yoga and Creativity
Florianigasse 29/8

Telefon: 0043 699 117 56 117