Other Techniques

Mudras, gestures, may contain a complex combination of asana, pranayama, bandha and visualization technique or simply consist of a hand or eye movement. They enable the practitioner to influence energy flows in the body, to sharpen perception and to strengthen awareness.

Bandhas, inner locks, are an essential part of many of the mudra and pranayama techniques. "Bandha" means to hold, to close or to tighten. This describes precisely the inner experience while practising bandhas. With the support of bandhas it becomes possible to accumulate prana in certain areas of the body and to redirect it to sushumna nadi for the purposes of spiritual experiences.

The Shatkarmas are the origin of the hatha yoga system. They consist of six groups of cleansing techniques which bring about a state of purity and balance in the different aspects of our body and mind. On one hand, they serve as a preparation for intense hatha and kundalini yoga sadhanas and, on the other hand, they help to prevent many diseases as well as cure existing disorders.

The introduction into mudras, bandhas and shatkarmas should always be learned from an experienced yoga teacher.

Literature: Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha