Meditation: Antar Mouna - Ajapa Japa -Trataka

The Satyananda Yoga system offers many different traditional techniques to help the practitioner to turn the awareness away from the external to his internal world (pratyahara), to concentrate the mind (dharana) and eventually to attain the state of meditation (dhyana).

In the past most of these techniques were transmitted by word of mouth from master to student. It is due to Swami Satyananda Saraswati, that today a precise and systematic explanation of these ancient techniques is available. Three of these meditation techniques will be introduced.

Antar Mouna works with the activities of the waking consciousness. The practitioner learns to witness his thoughts and feelings in a neutral way and realizes how he can reduce the congestion of the mind and bring about calmness and develop concentration.

Ajapa Japa is a concentration technique than can lead the practitioner from simple physical awareness to highest states of meditation. The technique consists of breath awareness, visualization as well as mental and eventually spontaneous repetition of the universal mantra soham or the personal guru mantra.

Trataka includes fixing the gaze (internal and external) on a chosen object. The goal is to gather the scattered mind and concentrate on one object. Traditionally, trataka is a part of hatha yoga (sixth technique of the shatkarmas).
However, it can also be used as a bridge between mental and physical orientated techniques and thereby establishing a link between hatha yoga and raja yoga.

Literature: Meditations from the Tantras, Dharana Darshan