Karma Yoga

The goal of karma yoga is to integrate awareness into daily life. The practitioner learns how to constructively handle the various aspects of his personality through conscious and balanced action. An integration of „head, heart and hands“ results, or in other words, we bring together the mental, emotional and physical levels of our being and give our spiritual nature the possibility to express itself.

Through awareness in daily life the whole life is becoming a sadhana and every situation is a chance to grow.

The philosophy of karma says that through expectations connected to our actions, one is bound to pleasure and pain. This bondage blocks our creativity and the experience of freedom.

The most important aspect of karma yoga is conscious action without expectation. Action and its result should be observed independently. Only then we are able to let go of all the concepts of gain or loss, pleasure or pain, success or failure, and harmony and balance (samatvam) are restored.

Karma yoga methods

  • Work in silence and try to become aware of thoughts and feelings.
  • Try to recognize inner expectations and become aware of their influence on your mental and emotional state.
  • Develop a feeling of equanimity and try to overcome prejudice in regard to your daily responsibilities.
  • Seva: selfless work (e.g. volunteer work)

Literature: Karma Sannyasa, Karma and Karma Yoga