Gyana Yoga

The literal meaning of „gyana“ is knowledge. However, gyana yoga is not a method to find answers to the big questions of life in a purely intellectual way. It is an inner process, where through meditative awareness and contemplation, self-knowledge and intuitive wisdom arise.

There is nothing on the gyana yoga path that is regarded as a matter of course. Each and every idea, inner attitude, concept and belief is critically examined in a process of self-enquiry. In the state of contemplation ignorance (avidya) is dissolved through discriminative wisdom (viveka). The gradual discovery of the true nature of the human personality leads to the highest state of self-knowledge and liberation (moksha).

Gyana yoga methods

  • The SWAN meditation examines one's strength, weaknesses, ambitions and needs.
  • The inner nature is recognized through critical self-analysis.
  • Personal contact with like-minded people (sangha)
  • Study of spiritual texts (Vedas, Upanishads, Bible, Koran, etc.)
  • Satsang (spiritual teachings of a master)

Literature: Yoga Darshan, Yoga Sadhana Panorama Series, Nine principal Upanishads