Yoga in General

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj” meaning to join/unite. Yoga is a scientifically recognized system using different techniques and methods that allow the practitioner to harmonize the expressions of head, heart and hands.

Yoga is a humanistic science that has evolved in different civilisations of the Indian subcontinent over a period of several thousand years. It is the outcome of study and insight of one's inner self.

The different yoga paths are as versatile and complex as the human personality and its needs. However, they complement each other and ultimately lead to the same goal. Yoga is a tool for the practitioner to live in harmony and peace with oneself and the environment, and to unlock the full human potential.

On a practical level, yoga offers a wide variety of techniques to overcome conditioning, foster creativity and positivity and to bring body and mind into balance.

Literature: Dynamics of Yoga